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Reliability is in the detail

WIKA reliability is based upon the awareness of our responsibility towards our customers. We take our slogan "Part of your business" very seriously - our customers can rest assured that the WIKA instruments that are built into their plants around the world will function reliably and exactly, at all times. This is so they can focus on their own goals, and pursue them undisturbed.

We offer our customers the best quality, ensured through continuous quality controls, and place the same high requirements on our suppliers, too. Only with excellent starting and intermediate products can we deliver consistently good products. Many of our instruments and systems feature redundancy, meaning the repeated presence of comparable functions which secure the measurement and control processes in an emergency situation. Particularly in the case of power plant and energy generation, it becomes clear what priority safety should take - with WIKA, our customers and partners are assured of competence paired with a strong sense of responsibility for people and the environment.

On-time delivery is another component of good business relationships. In order to deliver on time and reliably, WIKA spares neither additional expense nor extra time. The certified, secure supply chain ensures that we always know where our products are as they travel to customers and that they arrive in the specified condition and at the specified time.

On the subject of reliability, we leave nothing to chance and rely on the competence of our employees. As a family-managed group of companies, we invest in their comprehensive training and development. Long-term employee and customer loyalty go together and are more important to us than a fast profit. In the end, our "Investment in reliability" pays off double.

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WIKA is in the detail